World’s Largest and Most Socially Responsible 420 Event Comes to Vancouver in April

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By World Cannabis News – March 8, 2017

Vancouver 420 –  World’s Largest and Most Socially Acceptable 420 Event comes to Vancouver April 20, 2017.

‘Bigger and Better then Ever’, Proclaims Long Time Activist Robert Moore

Serious concerns over the Sunset Beach location for 420 party goers has sparked discussions with the Vancouver Parks Board. Issues ranging from safety, underage access, garbage and the ecological impact, additional costs to security and public safety measures, and the fact that smoking is not allowed in any public parks. These questions are being taken into consideration as the Vancouver Parks Board debates whether or not to shut down the Sunset Beach 420 location.

In lieu of these developments, the event hosted at the Vancouver Art Gallery has been expanded to accommodate the expected 420 loving masses.  This will be the largest 420 event ever seen. We spoke with long time activist Robert Moore about the work and preparations for this iconic community event.

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“We are working with the community to arrange for large garbage bins to be on site as well as to conduct our own voluntary ID checks, and provide all 19+ guests with free Safety Bracelets – a simple way for our vendors to spot people who are 19+ ” Robert explained. “We want to help clean up the outdated stereotype of the ‘lazy irresponsible stoner’, and show the community areas where we share common ground, so we can make this event the best protest to free the weed that has ever been. We share a vision that allows us make safety a #1 priority at this cannabis rally. We know that together we can send a clear message to the Liberal Party – we want timely solutions to the cannabis prohibition questions” said Robert Moore.

“We will not be charging any activists to vend cannabis, instead this 420 rally will be paid for by sponsors who would like to see a safe and well managed event. We all want to ‘FREE THE WEED’ not ‘FEE THE WEED'” Moore said. “The growing number of activists that are requesting vending space has forced us to expand the event map three times. In our latest update of the 420 Vancouver event, the map has room for over 420 vendors.  I want to see all the vendors benefit from the spaces at this event being free and open to everyone.

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We encourage event vendors to invest in tents as well as some nice weed, so they can make a few bucks, just like the big guys do – all year long. You can get your tents now for cheap here, and here at Home Depot for $126.00. This is how we free the weed, says Robert.

There are so many enthusiastic artists and community speakers requesting to speak as well as perform at this years giant 420 event, that we have been forced to add a second stage to help us make room for everyone. On the main stage, we are excited to have a wide range of informed guests including a special appearance from the official World Cannabis lawyer. He will be giving a very helpful speech entitled ‘Our Cannabis Rights’. The Bud Bowl and Vancouver 420 games will be hosted at the main stage, as well as the official announcement and presentation of the seven Leafy Award winners for 2017.

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Here is our exciting event schedule for 2017:

Stage One: Speakers and Entertainment

Your Cannabis Rights

Speech by World Cannabis’s lawyer

Robbert More World cannabis news

Robert Moore Speaks at City Hall

Activist Tool Kit

Speech by Robert Moore

Is Legalization Really the End of Prohibition?

Speech By Ron L. Woodruff

The Bud Bowl

The Vancouver  420 Games

1) Weed Relay

2) Infused Jello Bikini Wrestling

3) Epic Bud Hunters

Stage Two: The Educational Stage

Cannabis as Medicine

The educational stage will be hosted by Cheryl T. Rose from the Halley Rose Foundation. She will discuss her incredible healing journey with cannabis as well as her families struggles with the ever-present daily seizures caused by epilepsy.

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What’s in your Weed

An important workshop conducted by Harry from the Smoke Show – this workshop will analyze your weed, and help you become a better cannabis consumer.

Darwin Labs has donated staff and time to provide our event with a high-pressure liquid chromatography for professional grade, on-site cannabis testing all day long.

Edibles Workshop

Vendors will share their special recipes, and help you learn how to cook with cannabis

Growers  Workshop

Learn about growing cannabis from informed industry experts, ask questions, trade your seeds, and share your own home grown buds.

Hash making for dummies

Learn how to make your own hash, edibles or even stop in to check and see if your cannabis is safe or learn the THC content of your homemade hash.


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