How I Treated My Anxiety With Marijuana

By David Dean – Westword – Oct 28, 2017

Every day millions of people battle with social and daily anxiety. It’s something more and more people are speaking up about, which is a strong and beautiful thing. Depression and anxiety is not to be ashamed of: It’s to be talked about.

Taking antidepressants is something I chose to do a few years ago, because medicine and therapy work. But I didn’t want to rely on pills such as Xanax for anxiety, so I looked elsewhere. The research in how marijuana affects mental health is extremely rare, but has picked up some traction recently as caretakers deal with troops suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. We know of the many benefits cannabis has in regard
to physical health, but could it have the same effect on the brain?

After smoking pot in college, I stopped in my early twenties for ten years. It had started to make me anxious and uncomfortable when I’d smoke, so I just stopped. After living in Vail for three years and Dallas for seven, I was in New York City as I turned 31 — when, suddenly, it hit me: Anxiety and fear in general blanketed me. Each day, it got worse. Luckily, every person in New York is anxious, so it was easy to find advice.

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