Provincial rules for legal pot could bring new ways to run afoul of the law

‘We want to err on the side of caution,’ N.B. health minister says after unveiling lock-it-up rule

By Evan Dyer, CBC News – Nov 9, 2017

If federal legislation moves forward as planned, as of next summer Canadians will be able to grow, possess and consume marijuana legally — but that doesn’t mean they won’t face limits.

The Liberal government has said it wants to see marijuana made legal by July 1, 2018. There’s debate as to whether that timeline will hold, but some provinces aren’t waiting to find out as they introduce legislation and rules around how pot will be sold and where it can be used.

People in New Brunswick learned this week that even after pot is legalized, cannabis users will be required to keep their legal cannabis in a locked container or locked room.

New Brunswick isn’t alone in its move to supplement federal legalization with locally-grown rules.

In Alberta, for example, people will have to set up an indoor grow room, even if they have a sprawling acreage far from their nearest neighbour. They’ll also have to keep their plants under 100 centimetres.


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