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Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously.

SSL encryption on your browser

We protect all of our data with industry standard SSL encryption and security protocols. We will not share or sell your data with any third parties. We will only use any data we collect to facilitate a meaningful and secure interaction with our webserver. World Cannabis is taking a leadership role by improving security and concealing all your sensitive data from prying eyes on the internet.

Your Email will never be traded, sold or even shared

If you share your email with us for our newsletter we may email you about events or topics specific to World Cannabis, but your email information will not be shared, traded or sold to any third parties.


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All data on the World Cannabis webserver is protected by international, common and private domain law, and we do not authorize the use or collection of our private data by use for any third party for commercial use. Your use of our website domain and webservers does not imply or invoke any contractual obligations on your part unless you are acting as an agent.

This site does not contain any legal advise

The information found on this webdomain or any of its subdomains is not legal advise. The information should be used only for educational and or entertainment purpose.

Agent notice

If you are acting as a government agent you do not have permission to access our site without the prepayment of a one time ‘agent access’ fee of 50,000$. If any government agent in any legal jurisdiction uses our services without paying this ‘agent access’ fee, then all use of our data, by this agent or another agent or agents  acting on behalf of any corporate entity will be considered as an ongoing trespass against our lawful intellectual and private property rights,  we furthermore reserve the right to pursue any theft of private information by agents acting on behalf of any corporation as a criminal and or a civil matter. Ignorance of this notice does not constitute a lawful defence for trespass, or mitigate liability to render the appropriate service fee.


All rights are reserved.

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