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It’s going to take souls with a lot of sovl to resist the City of Vancouver’s plans to shut down any and all Vapour, Hookah or E-Cig lounges. This includes establishments which allow the use of any vaporized, combusted or sublimated product indoors or out. In their own words, July 22nd “Smoking is not allowed inside any commercial premise,” read the letter from the City. “By ‘smoking’, we mean dabbing, vaping, vaporizing and the use of e-cigarettes.” These letters were either mailed or personally delivered via a by-law enforcement agent.

It is not in the best interest of Vapour Lounge owners, (or Dispensary owners for that matter), to acknowledge these by-laws as proper by shutting down their businesses. The choice that will turn this tide is to unite in defiance.

To return these, please scan or photograph and email them to [email protected]

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