Mum claims cannabis oil has helped her daughter, 9, ‘become alive’ for the first time

Harley Tamplin – Metro – Nov 2017 

A nine-year-old girl who suffers from 19 chronic illnesses has become a ‘whole different person’ since she started taking cannabis, her mum said. Katrina Spraggon replaced daughter Kaitlyn’s cocktail of medication with cannabis oil – and says the impact has been remarkable. Saudi prince killed in helicopter crash near kingdom’s Yemen border


Before she began taking the oil, Kaitlyn was bed-ridden and unresponsive, but it has turned her life around, and she has even laughed for the first time ever. The family from Queensland, Australia even made her a marijuana-themed ninth birthday cake as they credit the drug with changing her life. Katrina, 35, said: ‘The first time I tried cannabis oil on my daughter, I witnessed a remarkable difference in just two days.

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