Debate rages over how the cannabis industry should be allowed to promote itself

By Jacquie Miller – Ottawa Citizen – Dec 3, 2017 

The modern woman deserves the delightful moments provided by marijuana. 

She carries her weed in a $275 leather stash bag made in Italy that is both elegant and odour-proof.

At least, that’s according to Van der Pop, a hip cannabis lifestyle brand that sells luxurious accessories, along with the promise of wellness, fun and sex.

“Our aim is to enhance your flower-powered pleasure through a thoughtful and candid exploration of pot, its many magical properties and how it relates to better self-care, sex and socializing,” says the website of the brand that also sells pipes that resemble modern-art sculptures and sleek vaporizers.

“Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just getting started on your journey, Van der Pop is here to ensure your higher aspirations are realized and that you truly enjoy your trip.”

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