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By Robert Moore – World Cannabis – April 22, 2015

Global opinions on cannabis have changed, and we need our laws to reflect these new values. It’s time for us to end cannabis prohibition.

The federal election in October, 2015 was crucial for the positive Cannabis movement. Acknowledgement that our voice was heard on this issue, from the national debate to the ballot box, we exercised the opportunity for change.

Remember simply having Justin Trudeau as PM does not guarantee repeal of unjust Cannabis laws.

So, what can we do on a daily basis… how can we stop the injustices today?

THE CANNA-HELP LINE 1-888-856-2526

Protect your Canna-family! How does it work?


If you need help from police call 1-888-856-2526. Volunteers will show up to record and if necessary shame the local police.


Aid in accessing local sources of cannabis almost anywhere in the world!


Direct you to lawyers and local activist groups in your area.


Help share important news call us or email us. Your news story will be shared. Consider “open” letters to your member of Parliament or send one to the editor of your choice. Show up, it counts.


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