Cannabis inhaler could help send Brits suffering with insomnia to sleep in ten minutes, inventors claim

The ICANsleep device, which is only available in Israel and California, is undergoing trials in Britain and could be available in a year

PUFFING on a cannabis inhaler could help millions of Brits with insomnia doze off in minutes.

The new hand-held gadget squirts a small dose of the drug into the lungs.

One puff of a cannabis inhaler can help insomniacs fall asleep in as little as ten minutes

Tests show a single toke at bedtime can trigger sleep in as little as ten minutes.

Researchers found users doze deeply and wake up refreshed with no unpleasant side-effects.

Medics who invented the inhaler say it contains enough of the illicit drug to have a sedative effect – without getting users high.

The ICANsleep device – which resembles an asthma puffer – costs around £100.

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