Cannabis and fitness: 5 reasons why this is really a thing

By Bethany Rae – The Georgia Strait –  Sept 29th, 2017 

The idea that cannabis and fitness can go hand in hand surprised me at first.

I’ve discovered that, when used with intention, cannabis can provide energy, endurance, pain relief from sports injury, and can speed up muscle recovery.

Exercise is one of the main ways I take care of my physical and mental health. When using cannabis for its medicinal properties, I find it’s best consumed in conjunction with exercise, clean food, proper rest, meditation and self-care.

With some experimentation and ongoing research, cannabis has become a reliable pre- and post-workout supplement for me. Let’s smash some stereotypes, while I share the reasons and the techniques behind how I enhance my outdoor exercise routines with cannabis:


Microdosing cannabis helps me focus

When I consume a small, measured dose of cannabis, my mind is relaxed and focused. In this relaxed mental state, anxiety and negative thinking recede and limitations are reduced.

For example, when doing a technical trail run, the times, distances and challenges that I set for myself become more easily obtainable and I can often achieve better results when in this focused state. Even the smallest microdose can help me discern better when my body can push through and take the longer trail route, or the steeper way up the mountain. Microdosing even helped me to beat my own personal best at the Grouse Grindtwice this year.

My go-to way to microdose before I workout is by vapourizing a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with my portable vapourizer.

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