World Cannabis is an organization, founded to end marijuana prohibition worldwide. We aim to do this by encouraging the public to become educated, by providing up to date and accurate cannabis-related information, and by helping each other through our local groups. We look to abolish the stereotype of the ‘lazy stoner,’ and bring to light a more scientifically-minded community image through action. We plan to add to our group of networks, while unifying existing structures to reach our common goal… the legalization of cannabis.

We believe that the pros of legalization outweigh the cons enormously. Not only could we direct our tax dollars and law enforcement resources to more appropriate uses (perhaps by catching criminals whose crimes have actual victims, maybe?), but regulation would mean less adolescent recreational use (anyone who has ever raised—or been—a teenager knows this: make something legal, the glamour goes away, and teen usage drops: Q.E.D.). Cannabis is a non-toxic, low risk substance, accounting for ZERO deaths per year, and it is also a valuable industrial resource, as it can be used for fiber, food, and many other things.

Just one case in point: hemp fibre. Yes, we have “better,”—well, cheaper anyway—synthetic fibres today, BUT… what do you do with them when they wear out? Throw them in a landfill? Scientists have a technical term for that: it’s called a very bad idea… most synthetic fibres don’t rot, and they fertilize nothing but government cleanup grants… all the while releasing more nasty chemicals into the ecosystem than we can even count… let alone counteract.

But natural hemp fibre? After a long, useful life (the hempen rigging in the famous American clipper ships nearly always outlasted the ships themselves), you can just toss them out into the great wide world… where the ecosystem will gladly seize upon them for food, fuel, and fertilizer. Hemp is completely reusable, recyclable, and sustainable… no government grants required.

Most importantly of all—from a human perspective—Cannabis is a priceless medical resource, as it has endless possibilities in the health care industry. As restrictions are removed, the possibilities will grow, and it’s up to us to nurture that growth.

We are looking to unite like-minded individuals within different local communities to create a stronger force for our push toward legalization. All over the world cannabis users and non alike, are waking up and realizing that by keeping marijuana illegal, they are fighting a losing battle. By banding together as brother and sister in an informed manner we can help progress the movement. With your help, one step at a time, one family at a time, our dream can become a global reality.

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