By CTV News | February 18, 2017 There Might be Something Special About Grandma’s Latest Batch of Brownies A new monthly workshop north of Toronto ...
By Shane Ross | February 18th, 2017 Protesters show support for raided dispensaries About 20 people rallied outside Saint John City Hall on Saturday to protest ...
By Pamplin Media Group | February 16th, 2017 The prohibition of cannabis has been a failure and these congressmen want to fix it Oregon Congressman ...
Brian Cross - Windsor Star - Jan 27, 2017 Joshua Jacquot says his employer won’t allow him during working hours to take the medication he ...
By LANAI SCARR | February 21st, 2017 Australia will now allow cannabis trade for medical use Sick Australians with some of the worst ailments will ...
By TG Branfalt | February 20th, 2017 In South Africa patients in need of medical cannabis have new hope South Africa is moving to legalize ...

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Australia Approves Immediate Medicinal Cannabis Trade

By LANAI SCARR | February 21st, 2017

Australia will now allow cannabis trade for medical use

Sick Australians with some of the worst ailments will no longer wait months for relief or be forced to turn to the black market to access medicinal cannabis with the government green-lighting the legal sale of marijuana products for medical use in Australia.

Health Minister Greg Hunt will on Wednesday announce companies will be permitted to apply to distribute cannabis oils and medications locally, establishing an immediate legal marijuana trade.


Austrailia medical cannabis crop World Cannabsis News

News Corp Australia understands the government has been actively discussing the issue with half a dozen companies who are ready to distribute immediately.

Last year the federal parliament passed laws to legalize medicinal cannabis use in Australia for patients with painful and chronic illnesses.

Those include cancer patients, HIV sufferers and people with severe epilepsy, motor neurone disease and multiple sclerosis, among others. However the rules vary from state to state as to approved conditions and ages.

world cannabis news austraila down under tumbs up

Patients desperately wanting access to the drug for relief currently require a letter from their GP or an approved prescriber.

Due to no available legal market in Australia, until now they were forced to import medicinal cannabis products from overseas or turn to the black market. Importation from overseas often meant cannabis products were unable to be received for months due to regulatory paperwork and compliance. Patients were also forced to obtain an importation permit for each specific importation from the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

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When Retirement Comes With a Daily Dose of Cannabis

By: Winnie Hu – NY Times – February 19, 2017

When Retirement Comes With a Daily Dose of Cannabis

Ruth Brunn finally said yes to marijuana. She is 98.

She pops a green pill filled with cannabis oil into her mouth with a sip of vitamin water. Then Ms. Brunn, who has neuropathy, settles back in her wheelchair and waits for the jabbing pain in her shoulders, arms and hands to ebb.

“I don’t feel high or stoned,” she said. “All I know is I feel better when I take this.”

Ms. Brunn will soon have company. The nursing home in New York City where she lives, the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, is taking the unusual step of helping its residents use medical marijuana under a new program to treat various illnesses with an alternative to prescription drugs. While the staff will not store or administer pot, residents are allowed to buy it from a dispensary, keep it in locked boxes in their rooms and take it on their own.

From retirement communities to nursing homes, older Americans are increasingly turning to marijuana for relief from aches and pains. Many have embraced it as an alternative to powerful drugs like morphine, saying that marijuana is less addictive, with fewer side effects.

For some people, it is a last resort when nothing else helps.

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Ohio’s first cannabis college aims to give students an advantage in the medical marijuana industry

By: News 5 Staff – News 5 Cleveland – February 19, 2017

Ohio’s first cannabis college aims to give students an advantage in the medical marijuana industry


INDEPENDENCE, Ohio – The Cleveland Cannabis College is the first of its kind in Northeast Ohio.

Located in Independence, it will be the epicenter for education and training related to medical marijuana. Since Ohio passed a bill to legalize the use of medical marijuana, conferences and groups have continued to pop across the state.

The college will offer training and educational courses about medical marijuana laws and its history. Classes about horticulture will also be offered.

Educators at the college believe students will get a job six months after graduating. Once the medical marijuana laws are finalized, students will be ahead of the learning curve.

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3 Weed-Friendly Wedding Planners Tell Us All About Planning Cannabis-Infused Nuptials

By: Ivy Jacobson – The Knot – April 20, 2016

3 Weed-Friendly Wedding Planners Tell Us All About Planning Cannabis-Infused Nuptials

Since recreational marijuana has been legalized in four states, couples are now looking for ways to incorporate cannabis into their nuptials—and these are just the planners to help.

It’s true: Because of the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska, some 4/20-loving couples are now looking for ways to include weed in their wedding day—from bud bouquets to special edibles at the reception. And while we don’t expect it to become as popular as, say, the signature drink at cocktail hour, the weed-friendly wedding planners and experts we talked to gave us reason to believe that we can expect to see more of it over the coming years.

Name and Company: Niki McDonald,, based in Colorado

Sound Bite: I’m a New York City native who came into the cannabis industry by moving out to Colorado to direct and produce MSNBC’s Pot Barons of Colorado. After spending eight months on the ground in Colorado learning the ins and outs of the legal cannabis industry, I created Love and Marij to shatter outdated stereotypes and show how legal cannabis can pair with class at upscale events.

How long have you been in the wedding industry? Wedding planning: 2012; cannabis wedding planning: 2014

What are some different ways you’ve incorporated weed into weddings? In legal states, the sky’s the limit! You can light up in your limo, put buds in your bouquet, serve a signature strain, hotbox your hotel, serve a bud bar with your open bar, give ganja gift bags and beyond.

Have there been any challenges finding weed-friendly vendors to participate in weddings? While cannabis remains federally illegal, and with state laws constantly in flux, many wedding vendors have a desire to integrate cannabis into their day, but don’t want to assume unnecessary risk. Other vendors want to service their cannabis clients but feel as if the taboo of marijuana will paint them in an unfavorable light with their non-cannabis clients.

Love and Marij is working to marry the cannabis industry with the wedding industry. In states where recreational cannabis is legal, we’re working with state cannabis regulators and the state police to bring clarity to cannabis laws, allowing more vendors to comfortably exercise their legal right to work with cannabis.

Though efforts like the Cannabis Wedding Giveaway and the world’s first Cannabis Wedding Expo, which was held last January in Denver, our mission is to unite the brave pioneers of the cannabis wedding movement and create to prove to the world that cannabis can coexist with class.

Who are some of your favorite weed-friendly vendors? The Cultivating Spirits experience is my personal favorite bachelor/bachelorette or rehearsal dinner experience. It’s not about “getting high”—it’s paring a small hit of specific cannabis strains to bring out the flavor of food, wine and craft beer. The Herbal Chef trained under Southern California’s top chefs in Michelin-star restaurants and has prepared some of the most incredible infused meals I’ve had to date. And Cannabis Concierge Events is an expert cannabis event planner who can make your wildest cannabis dreams come true. If getting a buzz isn’t your thing, there are hundreds of ways to use the cannabis plant for medicinal wedding day befits from CBD (Cibaderm Cannabidiol) based skin care products to transdermal patches that can take away the pain of high heels or dress slacks.

What’s been your favorite weed wedding feature? Our favorite cannabis wedding innovation has been the concept of a cannabis wedding registry service at legal cannabis dispensaries. My favorite part of planning my own wedding was the upscale treatment large department stores give you when you’re signing up for your registry and I wanted to replicate that luxe treatment in dispensaries. Through Love and Marij’s cannabis registry service, you can make an appointment with a dispensary’s top budtender to help you select your signature strain. We’ve started the process in Colorado and are about to extend the service into other states

What are your favorite fun edibles to create at the reception? In lieu of champagne, I love the idea of a sparking cannabis toast with Dixie Elixirs. Companies like Sweet Grass Kitchen and Julie’s Natural Edibles offer low-dose strain specific edibles so guests can achieve an intended feeling. If you’re a chocolate lover, s’mores made with Incredibles chocolate makes for the perfect nightcap!

For anyone looking to serve up edibles as an alternative to smoking at their wedding, we highly recommend hiring a budtender for the evening to properly administer dosing. For guests that are new to edibles, the most common mistake is having too much, too soon. To guarantee a good time, our recommended milligram dosage is 3 to 5 mg of THC for a first-time consumer. For many tipsy people with a sweet tooth, it’s hard to practice self control. Since it can take up to two hours to fully feel the effects of an edible, a budtender will help your guests avoid the common mistake of thinking they’re ready for seconds before they truly are.

While homemade edibles can make for a sweet personal touch, save your baking for home. For a large group of guests, our advice is to stick with licensed edibles manufactures that print their lab results on their products. This will better regulate the potency of what your guests are getting.

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world cannabis news south africa

South Africa is Moving to Legalize Cannabis for Medicinal Use

By TG Branfalt | February 20th, 2017

In South Africa patients in need of medical cannabis have new hope

South Africa is moving to legalize cannabis for medicinal use as the Medical Control Council announced it would publish guidelines for medical cannabis production, according to an IOL report. The framework would allow patients with severe medical conditions to appeal to the council for approval for medical cannabis which would be dispensed under supervision by medical practitioners.

Members of the Inkatha Freedom Party called the decision a “major victory” and tribute to late MP Mario Oriani-Ambrosini who pushed for legalizing medical cannabis prior to his death from lung cancer in 2014.

IFP MP Narend Singh hailed the reforms as a “major breakthrough and fantastic news for freedom of choice.”

“Mario had fought tirelessly for this and although he proposed cannabis beyond medicinal use to also include it for recreational use, we agreed to withdraw every clause relating to non-medicinal use in our efforts to ensure it becomes legal,” Singh said in the report, noting that “thousands of patients” are already using the oil but at “exorbitant costs.”

world cannabis south africa medical marijuana

“Production must be aimed at making it a medicinal, affordable drug for those who need it. It should not be an exclusive drug of choice for those who have the money,” he said. “That is what we are arguing for.”Quintin van Kerken, a representative for South Africa’s Anti-Drug Alliance, said that medical professionals “need massive education” about the products before they are able to recommend their use to patients.“They need to unlearn a lot of the negative myths around cannabis if patients’ right to cannabis can be fully supported by health professionals,” he said.

The Medical Control Council did not provide a timeline for the guidelines’ publication.

Read article at Ganjapreneur:

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New Workshop is Helping Seniors Navigate the World of Medical Marijuana

By CTV News | February 18, 2017

There Might be Something Special About Grandma’s Latest Batch of Brownies

A new monthly workshop north of Toronto is helping seniors navigate the world of medical marijuana.

“Our demographic is middle-aged to older people,” Rick Gillman of CanCann Consulting told CTV Barrie. “We do have lots of people in their 80s and even one I know in their 90s who are successfully using cannabis and having great results with it.”

Marijuana has been used to treat a diverse array of conditions, such as PTSD, epilepsy and arthritis. From general information about cannabis, as the plant is also called, to ways it can be turned into edibles, oils and tinctures, the workshop covered all aspects of using marijuana as a medicine.

People also showed up to tell others how the plant has helped them.

“I came today to share my experiences,” cancer survivor Jennifer May told CTV Barrie. “This excites me… to see how people are reacting, and it’s positive.”

edibles brownies world cannabis victoria dispensary


The workshop was held Saturday at The Barn Co-op, a community hub in Meaford, Ont. So many people came out that it was standing room only. The workshops have proven to be so popular that they are now being held on a monthly basis.

The events even feature a cannabis cooking class.

“I’m learning that it’s actually not a hard process at all,” Midland, Ont. resident Mary Ellen told CTV Barrie. “It looks like it’s something I could do myself.”

Organizers say the stigma of using the plant is now fading away.

“(That) allows us to share our stories, our experiences, with one another,” presenter Fred Harris said.

In Canada, it has been legal to use marijuana for medical purposes since 2001. Currently, the only legal way to obtain the plant, outside of growing it yourself, is through a licensed producer after receiving written approval from a health care practitioner.

The federal Liberals, who campaigned on the promise of legalizing recreational marijuana, are expected to unveil legislation to this effect this spring.


Read article at CTV News:

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hamelton dispensary raid cannabis pot weed police raid

Burlington Marijuana Dispensary Raided, Cannabis and Cash Seized

By Tim Whitnell | February 19th, 2017

Hamilton man charged at Harvester Road unit for operating cannabis dispensary

Read article at Burlington Post:

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Saint John Protesters Show Community Support for Raided Dispensaries

By Shane Ross | February 18th, 2017

Protesters show support for raided dispensaries

About 20 people rallied outside Saint John City Hall on Saturday to protest police raids on medical marijuana dispensaries. “It’s just like closing down some pharmacies, right?” said the rally organizer who identified herself as Mars Aubrey. “People need it and if there’s not anywhere to get it, then where are they going to go?”

Twelve people were charged after police raided six dispensaries in Saint John last month.

Marijuana rally

Saint John Police kept a close eye on the protesters Saturday. No arrests were made. (Matthew Bingley/CBC)

Aubrey said a lot of people, including herself, didn’t realize the dispensaries were operating illegally. Though police have said publicly the dispensaries were operating illegally, Aubrey said it was “deceiving” to let them open and do business for months before shutting them down.

‘If they raid us again, we’ll take it from there.’ – Bowe Merchant, on reopening HBB Medical Inc.

“If you have a bunch of stores around the city and nobody’s doing anything and they’re saying they’re legal dispensaries, I mean as the public, it’s kind of deceiving.”

The federal government has announced plans to legalize marijuana this spring, but the sale of the drug remains illegal under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act unless it’s from a licensed dealer.

Marijuana rally

One woman at the rally said closing a medical marijuana dispensary is like closing a pharmacy. (Matthew Bingley/CBC)

Joanne Richard, who uses marijuana to relieve pain and inflammation in her spine, said waiting for her medication to arrive from a licensed operator is not always convenient — especially when the postal service is interrupted by storms like the ones last week.

“It’s important that we have the right to access our medication where we want,” she said, taking a bite out of a whoopie pie laced with marijuana.

Raided store reopened

Richard said if people had trouble accessing other types of prescribed medication, “every politician would be jumping about it.”

Bowe Merchant is trying to do something about it. His father and three employees were arrested when police raided their dispensary HBB Medical Inc., but he reopened the store two weeks ago.

“If they raid us again, we’ll take it from there,” he said. “It’s uncertain, but we’ll just take it day by day and just hope for the best because we are here for the people.”


Read more at the CBC:

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BC Supreme Court Rules Cities Have a Right to Regulate Cannabis Dispensaries

By CBC News | February 17th, 2017

Cities Have the Right to Regulate Cannabis Dispensaries

A B.C. Supreme court judge ruled Tuesday that municipalities have the right to regulate marijuana dispensaries and cities have the right to deny them business licences and implement bylaws banning the sale of pot.

The case centred on Mary Jane’s Glass and Gifts in Abbotsford, one of the many dispensaries operated by Don Briere.

The City of Abbotsford moved to shut it down, but Briere’s lawyer tried to challenge that, arguing the city was violating the Constitution by restricting access to medical marijuana.

He also argued the city was stepping out of its jurisdiction because pot is a substance controlled by the federal government.


world cannabis news

A government regulated dispensary in Oregon, where recreational cannabis is legal.

The judge found that even though pot is regulated federally, it doesn’t mean a lower authority can’t regulate it.

In addition, she found federal laws don’t guarantee access to medical marijuana through dispensaries.

The decision comes amid confusion over who regulates dispensaries.

Cities like Vancouver have moved to license a small number of pot shops but others have moved to shut them down.

For instance, in Langford two people were arrested following a Wednesday raid at a pot shop that had already been shuttered once.

Green Tree Medical Dispensary is facing a civil suit from the city compelling it to permanently cease operations.

world cannabis news langford dispensory mayor upset


Read article at the CBC:

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Thousands of pounds worth of cannabis wash up on a British beach

By Keiligh Baker | February 17th, 2017

Look at all this seaweed!

  • Pictures show thousands of pounds worth of cannabis washed up on a beach
  • Haul was spotted by dog walker when carrier bags full of the plants came ashore
  • The Border Force crew said they did not think the cannabis had been imported

Thousands of pounds worth of cannabis plants have been discovered washed up on a popular British beach. The haul was spotted by a dog walker who called police after several carrier bags full of the plants came ashore in the tide at Slapton Sands in Devon. Twelve members of the Coastguard Search and Rescue Team and four police officers attended the scene around 10.30am on Wednesday morning.

world cannabis washed up pot marijuana shore ocean

The haul (pictured) was spotted by a dog walker who called police after several carrier bags full of the plants came ashore in the tide at Slapton Sands in Devon. Estimates say the cannabis discovered on Wednesday was worth ‘several thousand pounds.’

A Border Force craft was seen patrolling along the coastline as police and coastguard officers combed the beach looking for further plants. Buds were still attached and officers suspect that they were dumped in a hurry Around five full carrier bags were located around the centre of the beach.

One officer said he suspected that plants had been home grown and had been dumped on the outgoing tide, only to resurface when the tide came back in.

The Border Force crew said they did not think the cannabis had been imported.

The National Crime Agency said a number of holdalls were found at Hopton-on-Sea and a ‘small number of packages’ were discovered at Caister-on-Sea on Friday.  Both locations are near Great Yarmouth.

Matthew Rivers, from the NCA´s border investigation team, said: ‘We are now working with Border Force, the Coastguard Agency and Norfolk Police to try and establish how the bags ended up where they did; however, it is extremely unlikely that this was their intended destination.

world cannabis ocean

It comes a week after cocaine with a street value of £50m was discovered on a Norfolk beach

‘This is obviously a substantial seizure of class A drugs, and its loss will represent a major blow to the organized criminals involved.’

A member of the public had alerted Norfolk Police to the holdalls at Hopton-on-Sea, and the separate find at a location near Caister-on-Sea forms part of the NCA investigation.

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